Tuesday, April 26

Me...Through the years!

Junior High, as a cheerleader:

Me, right after I left rehab after becoming a paraplegic, 19 years old:

In my backyard in Maryland when my son was a toddler...he took this pic! LOL

About age 25, laying in a tanning bed like a dork! LOL

Growing the short hair out, but still bleaching it to within an inch of its life!

Hair growing out AND color growing out! Almost back to natural! Also, this is when Nate was about 13, and I look more like his sister here, than his mom! LOL

Me on a side by side comparison...worrying about getting old! LOL

A pic I sent my sister in DC when it was a really cold day in South Carolina...I cannot believe I'm sharing this zombie faced pic! Hahaha!

Me in 2008, when I decided I was tired of being fat, so I started hitting the gym! One of the best decisions I've ever made.

One of my favorite pics because it reminds me of how happy I am after a hard workout...all sweaty & gross but loaded with endorphins!

Me with a great friend, Julie at an MMA fight:

Me & My sister, Diane:

Me last Halloween, as a bunny rabbit (NO, NOT that kind of "bunny" - fully clothed in a pink tee and jeans!)

Most recent...Taking one of those dorky, "hold the camera at arms length" pics! Haha!


Karen Mortensen said...

You were beautiful, still are beautiful and will always be beautiful to me. You are one awesome woman.

Michele Chastain said...

Not half as awesome as you, Karen! You're one of my favorite people in this world. :)

Bethe77 said...

You are beautiful Michele and I dont think dork fits the descritpion I see of you at all.
Thank you for sharing pictures of you through the years. You have ages very gracefully. Beautiful

Cait Geisaka said...

I think you are beautiful inside and out and I love your philosophy I am blogging and I have no idea what I am doing so I hope this goes straight to you and be blessed in all you do, I am proud to even think that I know anything about you at all! you truly inspired me, I am getting married next year and well I am praying for a miracle before then, I am trying not to put at time limit on God but I am pushing the people I know to press hard after what they want so I have to do the same, I am so passionate about my love for my fiancee, and I will add you to my list of prayers, not that you need it because you are an amazing inspiring person, but incase one day you do i will be there, praying silently for you. so thanks for the inspiration and all that you share I really needed it and now I feel like I'm not the only one who feels this way. <3 Cait

Cait Geisaka said...

this brought me great peace I hope you receive the same thing from it!

Susanne said...

you are such a good-looking lady, you have always been:)

I love these back-to-past posts :)

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Beautiful through the years! It is nice to see our lives and how we change....

Becky Jane said...

Ah Michele, what fun(ny) pictures. You have such beautiful eyes, they stand out in every photo. I like your hair brown better!

Lindy said...

Nice to meet you, Michele. It was fun looking at all your pictures and learning a little about you!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing a part of your history. Love the bunny comment, and the last pic is absolutely beautiful. Your spirit shines bright, young lady.