Wednesday, February 9

28 Random Things about Michele...

I love when other bloggers post random factoids about themselves. It's like a little peek inside of someone's world that you otherwise may not have glimpsed in just reading the "typical" blog posts.
So in honor of the 28 days of February, I settled on 28 random facts about myself. I hope I'm actually interesting enough to come up with 28 things! Hahaha!

1. My favorite TV shows are: Project Runway & Chopped
2. My favorite color is green.
3. My middle name is Anna.
4. My son, Nathan, was born 7.5 weeks premature and weighed 3 pounds, but otherwise was perfectly healthy! Thank God! :)
5. I have green/light brown/gold eyes that seem to change color with my moods...which freaks my husband out sometimes! Haha!
6. I'm only 5'1"
7. I love peanut butter with bacon!
8. I drive a bright blue PT Cruiser convertible.
9. My maiden name is Baumgardner (11 letters, OY!)
10. I cringe when people scrape their eating utensils on their teeth.
11. It makes me crazy when people say "I seen so-and-so at the market..." The grammar-marm in me starts having a panic attack! LOL
12. I lightened my hair to blond for about 15 years before finally realizing God knew what He was doing when He made me a brunette.
13. I write poetry.
14. My husband's name is "Chesty" -- really.
15. I have 1 sister, 1 brother, and 2 step-brothers. I'm the youngest.
16. I lift heavy weights at the gym, and am participating in a lifting competition this April.
17. I handcycle -- here's a picture in case you've never seen one...people always stop me to check it out. :) Image and video hosting by TinyPic
18. Although I've been from Florida to Maine on the east coast, I've never been further west than Clearwater, Florida on the Gulf Coast. I feel like I'd be landlocked and itching to be near a coast if I were in the center of the US. Haha!
19. I crack my knuckles... gross, I know.
20. I have a tattoo on my left inner wrist that has 3 stars, 1 for my son (green), 1 for my husband (red), and one for me (purple).
21. I have 5 tattoos in all. The wrist one, a star of David with a yellow flower in it, a bird with a branch in her mouth, a twisted vine with pink roses, and an Egyptian ankh, which is the symbol for "Life."
22. I usually have my toenails painted some crazy color.
23. I have the right lyrics to thousands of songs in my head.
24. My celebrity crush is Javier Bardem *swoon* Image and video hosting by TinyPic
25. I used to play the trumpet.
26. Before I was injured, I taught aerobics and weight training.
27. I read like crazy...mostly non-fiction.
28. I want my gravestone to read: "Some of it's magic - Some of it's tragic - But I had a good life all the way"


Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

Great list!! I used to have an ankh as well, but I covered over it with flowers, one day will get a new one done.

Yes I Blog said...

You definitely aren't boring! :-) I love your choice of tattoos. And although I've never heard of your celebrity crush - I'm swooning over here too!

Hubba! Hubba!

Pammy pam said...

There was a great interview with javier the other day on npr. He doesnt considee himself a stud! Go figure! Swooooon!

Pammy pam said...

The was an interview with javier on npr the other day. He doesnt consider himself a stud. Go figure!

Corine said...

Michele, it was so much fun getting to know you better! :D

Bethe77 said...

I like your list of things about you. My favorite one is 28. Cute headstone saying. Blessings

Michele Chastain said...

Thank you all sooo much for the feedback! LOL I thought this was going to just be a space-filler post and no one would care about my boring factoids! :) I like coming back to this post just to look at Javier!! Oh - My - Gosh......ok, ok, ok...calm down, Michele. :)

Yenta Mary said...

I love getting to know my friends better! I think that handcycle looks like so much fun! Hard work, admittedly, but fun nonetheless. I'm also a grammar marm -- I have such an OCD that I'll even edit forms and such, like at the doctor's office or the bank!

Stuff could be worse said...

I Love your list also. It is nice to see the small stuff about bloggers, real life. Wow an aerobics teacher!

Balancing stilettos and scrubs said...

Ohhhhhh Javier... Seriously, could he be any more sexy? :D Great list!! I am a new follower from Bee friendly Friday, happy to be here.
Have a great weekend!

Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah said...

Thanks for linking up to Bee Friendly! I am already a follower.

You have a great list going. I like to paint my nails in crazy colors too.

Clara said...

Hey, hey, good read. I love your facts.

Jessica B said...

I love your list! I know what you mean about getting a glimpse inside someone elses's world.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading these fun facts. I know there are many more, both fun and complex.

We share eyes and height. I met my Hubby at a bench press competition; I took the gold. I love creative writing. Can't remember my maiden name, too many marriages. ; )

And despite the fact that I still have the ability to walk, it takes 7 pills a day to do so, and the number will only increase. I loved reading your bio and posts.


andy King said...

I liked your list. Loved the way you narrated. You seem tobe beautiful by your heart.