Sunday, January 23

What Matters Most, Matters Now!

How many times have you been in a situation or discussion where you uttered the words, "what matters most is..." ?
I know I've found myself both saying and hearing that phrase, but it seems to come up most often in tough times.

With our lips we say our loved ones are the top priorities in our lives, but consider what our actions may, at times, say:

We take them for granted.
We resent them.
We blame them.
We stay angry at them for years.
We refuse to apologize or forgive.
We run them down.
We assassinate their character.
We find fault in them, while overlooking the very same faults in ourselves.

People lose jobs every day, but more often than not, they find a new one, and if they're lucky, an even better one.
People lose money in the stock market every day, but if you ride it out, you'll most likely get it back.
You can lose your home, your car and all of your other material possessions, and sure, it stings when you lose these things- and makes you feel hopeless, but with hard work, these things can be replaced over time.
You can't replace people.

This little blog is just a reminder to myself and whomever else may have needed a reminder to hold near & dear the most precious "things" in our lives, and that's the people we love. They are what matter the most...and we all need to remember that NOW...and show them every day that they MATTER the MOST to us...and not try to hurry up and prove it when things get tough or we fear we may be losing one of the people we cherish.


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

great post and one I needed to read

Anonymous said...

What a thoughtful post that really makes so much sense. Thanks for the reminder to keep my priorities where they need to be and my loved ones ahead of everything else that really doesn't matter much.
Thanks for visiting my blog through LBS!

Anonymous said...

I feel this way a lot about my parents. More often than not, I find myself remembering that I need to be grateful they still have their house, have enough money to cover my senior year of college, that I have a nice car my dad is willing to pay for, and that my mom is able to help me out with apartment rent. My annoyance with them can sometimes overpower my appreciation, and I will forget that I need to be thankful for them and that they are able to provide for me until I can fully financially support myself.

Amee said...

Hi, I followed you on twitter :) Amee from Madame

Grace said...

Often so true and a reminder that we need to constantly work on these areas of our life.
Becky over at Wheelchair Decor
sent me this way and I'm glad she did.