Wednesday, June 2

Showing Now -- "Life" - Starring YOU!

Someone very near & dear to me used to always say "When I win the lottery..." followed by a flowery picture of how life would be so much better with a few million in the bank.
I'm sure that having plenty of money would make some aspects of life effortless, but then again, from my experience it seems a lot of people live a breath beyond their means no matter how big their bank accounts are. Sure, you may be more comfy in a mansion with a yacht moored in the boat slip than having a rowboat sitting in the grass outside of your trailer, but the bills still come due once a month.
I'm making an assumption here because I'm a woman of moderate means, but it seems the worries would get larger as the bills do.

Something I'm quite the expert at however, is thinking I will achieve some higher level of consciousness once I lose 10 more pounds. I've had to fight with myself FOREVER to get past that warped way of thinking, and still have to remind myself from time to time to stop obsessing.

What I really want to wrap my arms and head around and never let go of, is that LIFE IS NOW. Life does not wait for those last 10 pounds to come off. It does not wait for one to win the lottery, marry "up", or get that promotion at work.
Author Lou Erickson said it perfectly - "Life is like a taxi. The meter just keeps a-ticking whether you are getting somewhere or just standing still."

Every day we should take a moment to remind ourselves, maybe even write it out on a piece of paper and stick it somewhere we pass by regularly, "LIFE IS NOW", so we don't get stuck in the taxi on the road to nowhere.'

Carpe Diem~


DLC said...

Wow Michele - this really resonates with me. You have a way with words - both fun and inspirational to read. I'm reminded of a famous quatrain that has always meant a lot to me:

"To clothe the fiery thought
In simple words succeed,
For still the craft of genius is
To clothe a king in weeds."

Thank-you Michele for taking the time to remind us all of both the little and big things that really matter.

Love you!!

Kimberly said...

Michele does indeed have a way with words! And this goes with my "one day at a time", appreciate today and yesterday is gone!

I am truly enjoying this "blogging" venture of yours!

I love you, too!!