Tuesday, June 1

The Importance of Touchstones

Everyone has touchstones in their lives, by which they measure the authenticity or worthiness of new ideas, values, relationships, etc...

They can be abstract, or tangible. I refer to my sister, Diane, as my "touchstone" all the time. She has been, throughout my life, a safe haven, an anchor to keep me grounded, as well as a moral compass to whom I feel accountability, somehow without ever feeling convicted.
When I met my husband, I realized he'd become all of these things to me as well, and I felt a peace about marrying him and spending the rest of our lives together. I used my tried & true touchstone (my sister) to measure the authenticity of my relationship to my husband...and guess what? Thirteen years later my husband and I are still going strong, more in love than ever.

Life can become so overwhelming that it's easy to lose our way, and we may not always have a firm idea of what it is, exactly, we believe, how we should behave, and how our actions impact others.
Sometimes it's a good idea to ask yourself what, or who your touchstones are. Try to recall a time when you felt at complete peace, or on top of the world, then ask yourself what precluded that feeling. Who do you feel comfortable sharing your dreams with? Answering this may move your closer to finding your own personal touchstones, and offer a safe haven for you to refuel and refresh.

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DLC said...


Thank-you for posting this. You are my touchstone and I can't put into words how much I thank you for always being there for me - not just in a 'routine' way but always in the most heart felt and real way. Love you!!

Also – a special thanks to Doug too – you are the best!!