Wednesday, June 23

A Few Important Truths

1. Don't take to heart what people who constantly criticize you have to say.

~I've found that the most critical people are usually the most self-loathing. They either consciously or unconsciously magnify flaws in others so their own seem small in comparison. Sometimes people have been hyper-critical for so long that they don't even realize how they negatively affect others. If you suspect this may be the case with someone you know, and you'd like to preserve the relationship, consider just asking them why they feel the way they do. You may just stump them.

2. If someone gossips TO you, they'll probably gossip ABOUT you.

~It's the nature of the gossip monster. Just don't feed it.

3. Words are incredibly powerful. One cruel remark can hurt someone for life.

~We've all had something hurled at us that pops back into our heads time and time again. Don't be a person who plants a bad seed.

4. The fewer possessions you have, the more they do for you.

~When I was 17, a roommate stole all the clothing I had except what was on my back. As I slowly replaced items, and I mean s-l-o-w-l-y, because I had no money to speak of, you'd better believe I cared for each cheap t-shirt and pair of shorts as if they'd been purchased on Rodeo Drive. Now, having been married and living in the same house for quite a few years, I've accumulated too much 'stuff' and it makes me feel overwhelmed. Recently I started downsizing and it feels so good every time I get rid of another box of needless 'stuff'.

5. Revenge is for petty people.

~King Solomon said, "It is the glory of a man to pass by an offense." Seeking revenge puts us down at the same level as those who wronged us. By letting either justice or karma work it out, we elevate ourselves above our offender, which probably irritates him/her to no end.

6. It's harder to burn calories than to not consume them in the first place.

~Trust me on this one. I never even noticed I was gaining weight back in the early 2000's -- that's how easy it was! Conversely, it took me a lot of time and a ton of sweat to lose it.

7.. Everyone is carrying a cross. Some just don't show as much as others.

~If you ask anyone who knows my husband to describe him in one word, it would most likely be one of the following: goofy, funny, happy, outgoing, friendly, kind, giving... get the picture? He's a super nice guy with an awesome sense of humor. Only a few people realize he'd lost his entire family by the time he was 6 years old. First his mom to cancer when he was just a toddler, then his stepmom, 2 older brothers and baby sister all in one car accident where he was the only survivor, and finally, shortly after the accident, his dad to a heart attack. I think it's why he's so understanding of my past and where I came from. He knows about suffering and loss. More importantly, he knows about the joy of living.
We tend to think everything shows on our surfaces when in reality, we hide it well most of the time. Keep this in mind, especially when dealing with people who seem angry, rude, or defensive for no apparent reason. Their cross may be especially heavy that day.

Please share some of your truths with me. :)


Leanne said...

Michele, I love this post. I try to live my life remember #7 all of the time ... we never know what others are dealing with or have dealt with in their life. I really think this was all so well put - thanks for sharing it.

Yenta Mary said...

I always love to come by and see what you've written -- your wisdom and your own truths are powerful ....

Pamela Bousquet said...


My truths growing up weren't nearly as heart-breaking as you or your husbands...but I suffered some great emotional pains as a young teen in middle and high school. While I couldn't possibly know it at the time, I do know now that these experiences have made me who I am today, and I can honestly say that I look at people differently than I would if I hadn't learned what I did years ago.
Thanks for sharing, once again, your amazing, yet simple words of life-wisdom!
Peace, Michele!

Karen Mortensen said...

Amen to what everyone has said so far. Now I will add my two cents.
Thanks for #1- I could use this with my boss. She is always putting people down to make up for her lack.
#4 VEry good thought. I think we sometimes put too much value on objects.
#5 Love it and agree. I love it when karma gets people. It is much better than worring about it yourself.
#7 I love that. Everybody has some cross to carry and we need to be aware of that. Maybe we are the one to help them carry it sometimes.
Thank you so much for your grea words of wisdom.

fairyrocks said...

Lovely thoughtful way to express kindness. You must be a truly good person inside.
The hardest thing is to not pass the hurt on.
Recently have had close encounters with #2, thankyou for that reminder.
I guess my truth is What happens to my brother or sister or a stranger as far away from me as is possible in this world...also reflects on me.
We are one world with far more good than bad in it.

Michele Chastain said...

Beautifully put, fairyrocks. You're so right. We never know how far-reaching every little action can be.
Thanks for contributing. :)

Anonymous said...

I fell in love with your blog the moment I read this post! Although I posted on the latest blog first. This post is incredible!!!

Melissa said...

Thanks for writing #7. I actually do try to keep this in mind when dealing with "difficult people" because you never know what their story is.

Your husband sounds like an amazing man. I'm sorry to hear about the tragedies he's suffered but it is wonderful to hear that he grew up to be a kind man with a sense of humor. Wow!

Jessica said...

Michelle -- I would love to link this or a portion of this to my blog. You put a lot of personal thoughts/words of wisdom of mine to paper here, and you did it perfectly. :) Newest follwer here.

Kelly and Ryan said...

awesome pieces of wisdom!