Friday, May 6

It never fails...

Wednesday I had a laser procedure done on my right eye to correct a problem called "narrow angle" -- nothing visible, it's all on the inside and has something to do with the way the fluid in our eyes circulates, etc... anyway, so Thursday, I cleared my schedule and decided to take it easy while my eye healed up.
I rarely skip a day of bathing...I'm kind of a clean freak and I feel yucky and sluggish if I don't take a daily morning shower, but "just this once" I said to myself, " day without a shower won't kill ya!" This meant I also did not do anything to my hair except a messy bun, and did not put on any makeup --not that I wear a lot anyway, but I do always do a little to enhance what God gave me. ;)
Not Thursday, though...and on top of it all, the closest I came to "getting dressed" was throwing on a pair of yoga pants and one of my hubby's big, roomy tee-shirts, and a pair of Sanuks. Not a pretty picture. LOL No biggie...I was staying home, relaxing, healing.
But Louie, my littlest dog, has to be taken out for potty on his own because he barks too much when we let him out to run with the big dogs in the back yard. So I leashed him up, and went out the side door into the carport, and as I was heading over to the grass to let him tinkle, here comes my neighbor WITH THE NEW NEIGHBORS to introduce them to me...while here I was looking like a homeless, bedraggled bag lady! Hahahahaha!
Sure enough, I could find no hole to crawl into and I smiled and did my best to pretend I looked like a million bucks, and welcomed them to the neighborhood.
Murphy's Law I guess? Hahaha!


Karen Mortensen said...

Oh my. Are they still your neighbors? LOL

Yenta Mary said...

Oh, isn't that the truth??? Invariably, if I go to the grocery store at 7 o'clock on a Sunday morning with my hair pulled back and a hat on over it, wearing yesterday's jeans (pre-shower, after all), I run into someone I haven't seen in a decade. That is the surest way to make sure you see someone you'd want to impress!!!

Michele Chastain said...

LOL Karen! I don't think they've high-tailed out of the neighborhood just yet! But I wouldn't be surprised! Hahaha!

Kristina said...

Gotta Love Murphy's Law!