Saturday, June 26

Life is Unpredictable - Take Lots of Pictures!

I know I've mentioned this in previous blogs, but in case there are folks reading who haven't read back that far, on some subconscious level I'm pretty sure that I thought the motorcycle accident, which left me a paraplegic in 1987, filled some mysterious accident quota for my lifetime. The car accident on March 15 of this year proved otherwise. It also taught me something I should have already been actively aware of; just because I'm following the rules of traffic, does not mean everyone else sharing the road with me is. OK...another lesson learned the hard way, but at least I'm still here, right? Yay!

With just a split second one way or another, it might not have turned out this well. Thinking about what I could have left behind is overwhelming, so I've tried not to go down that path much, but in one respect it shined some light on an issue I've had for many years...

I hate having my picture taken.

I'm probably preaching to the choir here. Lots of people, especially women, feel the same for a variety of reasons. Mine are as follows; for a few years I was very overweight, but even once I lost most of it, I've still struggled with a very stubborn, clinging like a tick on my dog, last 10-13 pounds, and I've never liked my nose. I'm not wild about my arms either, because they're more muscular than what I consider feminine, but that's just a part of being an active paraplegic; my arms take over where my legs can't.

These issues have had me hiding from cameras for years. When I came close to leaving this earth recently, I realized my son would have had very few decent photographs of me, and almost no video. How very selfish I'd behaved all that time.

Seriously, if I were still very overweight, or if my nose were even bigger than it already is, it's still the "visual me" that my son and loved ones knew/know, and I'm pretty sure they like me, and would appreciate some decent photos. Who am I to take memories away from my kid, and future grandchildren and great-grandchildren who may someday want to see what that crazy old grandma they'd heard so much about looked like.

So my newest quest (because it's not like I'm getting any younger, cuter, or skinnier) is to allow pictures to be taken anytime, regardless of my hair being a mess, my tummy feeling "poochy" that day, or having missed my eyebrow waxing appointment, I will smile, genuinely, and keep in mind that I'm preserving a memory for someone who loves me.

Just to prove is a picture from yesterday, riding with the top down, no makeup, hair a mess, but SMILING!


Karen Mortensen said...

Good advice. I like having my picture taken until I see it. LOL
By the way, you look just fine to me.

Melissa said...

Thank God you made it through your March accident. Scary!

What a great post. I am the same way about pics. My issues are my crooked front teeth (getting Invisalign soon) and the fact that my roots show. Just don't have the time to keep up with my hair like I want now that I'm a new mommy again.

I like that you illustrated your point with the smiley face bird pic. Btw, you look GREAT in your picture!

Susan Tipton said...

I recently realized the same thing about pictures. Now I let the kids take them of me whenever they want. I still wish they wouldn't get shots that include dirty dishes though:)

The car shot of you is great!

Anonymous said...

Love this post! Especially: "keep in mind that I'm preserving a memory for someone who loves me". I have always been big on capturing moments on camera...those precious times will serve as tender memories when that day comes we are no longer here. Life is indeed precious! Capture all the moments you can!

Great Car Shot!!!

JMJE said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice post. And also the more pics you have taken of yourself the more there's a chance that someone takes one you really like a lot.

Holly said...

well who can argue with that ! You are beautiful and I am glad that you stopped by my blog so I could then find yours!

Happy Sunday!


Licia said...

You are so right about pictures. As you said, your loved ones love you just the way you look, so why not let yourself appear in pictures? Oh, and by the way, your "messy hair, no make up look" is beautiful.

A 2 Z said...

Hi Michele,

You are right. I'm also avoiding pictures of myself since I gained weight but then one day when I'm gone my children will not see the older version of me. It would be a pity. They dont see us in such a critical way. Thanks for sharing.


Tree said...

I am just like you when it comes to picture taking....of me! LOL I love your philosophy though...and that really is a great shot of you!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! I'm now following you with all 4 of my blogs. :)

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The Bipolar Diva said...

Thank you for coming by my blog! I'm following you now and am going to dive right in and start reading!

Angie said...

Following you here too. So glad you are safe, traffic accidents are scary. I am the same way about pics. I'm constantly dodging the camera!

KansasSunflower said...

Wow, what a great perspective of pictures! There are virtually NO pictures of me over the last 3 years because I feel I am too FAT and have simply not allowed it. You're absolutely right, who am I to deprive the people in my life that in case something happens to me? That was a truly inspiration post! You look wonderful in your picture, and I greatly admire you! : )

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Michele, I am so happy you found my blog because it led me to yours!~
UGH! I hear you! Hate my photo taken, it's funny when I lost a little weight I didn't dread it. but put weight back on and I run from the camera. It's stupid, because yes... that is what I look like.
But , I am committed today to get this weight back off!
I have not had a chance to read your blog because I JUST got here. I'm going to go put the coffee on and read it. I love what I have read already!
Have a pretty day!

Kathy English said...

Hey, you're cute! Found you on lady bloggers tea party today (Monday, 6/28). I don't like being in front of the camera, but you're right - it's a picture for someone ELSE. We always said, in my family, we'd never be able to show anyone what my dad looked like because he'd always cover his face, or make an awful face. It has only been in the last few years that he actually SMILES for a picture. AMAZING!

Jamie said...

Hey Michele, thanks for dropping by for a 'visit' on my blog. Kudos for the picture you braved of yourself. Cameras and I have a mutual agreement, they stay out of my face and I treat them nicely. ;-)

Have a great week, following you now as well. Liking the person that I'm reading about.


Angie said...

Visiting from Meet and greet monday. I already follow you on twitter. Sometimes it's hard to understand why things happen. Why we have to go through such hardships sometimes. I've found that these instances have made me stronger and more driven. I see that you are an optimist. I'm sure you have your take on these situations as well. Stop by if you get a chance:

Steph said...

I have TWO blog awards for you! Check out my latest post to see them and enjoy! :)

Charles said...

That's the spirit. Keep smiling. You look REAL in the picture and natural. Attractive.