Thursday, May 27

The Power of Predicaments

Obviously, we love it when life is surrounding us with flowers and rainbows, but the reality is that crises will come, and usually at the most inopportune times (as if there's ever really an 'opportune' time for crises.) To tell ourselves to 'be prepared' for the rough-and-tumble ride Life occasionally places us on, is kind of unrealistic. Sure, it might work concerning financial dry spells; saving for a rainy day and all that, but serious problems often seem to jump out at us like a street mugger, catching us completely off guard. How does one prepare for something they never see coming, like an accident, serious injury or illness, loss of a loved one, etc...? While we can't prepare specifically for unforeseen events, we can learn to ride the waves of rough seas rather than pointlessly fighting against rip tides.
First and foremost when you find yourself in an overwhelming situation, breathe... sometimes bad things can suck the air right out of us, and it's important to stop, take a deep breath, pray, meditate, or whatever it is that helps you find that inner calm, even if that calm is momentary, it's a moment to gather yourself and realize you just made it through a difficult time - the realization of a big problem or out of control situation.
Don't assume the worst...and seriously, look back over your life, and if you're like the average person, I bet you'll be able to recall at least a few incredibly trying times, and guess what, if you're doing that, it means you made it through...yay for you! So assume you will make it through this one as well. Do your best to realistically handle your predicaments a step at a time, and not get bogged down in focusing on worst-case scenarios that can end up shutting you down.
With each difficult obstacle we overcome, we can build a sort of resume of our ability to withstand hardship. Like all good professionals, build on that resume, and remember that it's there, holding you up with your credentials.
Have you ever known a really good guitarist? Chances are he or she will tell you that when they were learning to play, their fingers got sore and raw, but that as they persevered, a callous replaced the once tender skin, toughening it up, making it easier for them to make beautiful music.
You can make it through most of what life throws your way, and come out stronger.


DLC said...

I really liked this posting. I'm going through a tough time at work right now and this helps.


Michele Chastain said...

This makes my day! So glad I helped in some way.