Monday, May 24

In the beginning (that felt like the end...)

There was a time in my life when I uttered the words, "I don't think I can make it through this." At that moment, I absolutely meant it. The future that lay before me was daunting, especially considering I had no strong foundation in my past with which to rest upon...

This is the beginning of my story, which occurred at a time in my life that I believed was the end. It's been a long haul, and looking in my rear-view mirror, I'm amazed at some of the rough roads I've navigated. I believe we all have a wellspring of strength in us, it may be buried deeper in some than in others, but nevertheless, it's there, and not so difficult to tap once you've found it.


par rum pum pum pum said...

I am enjoying your blog. You are a good writer and inspirational.

Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

Oh how many times I felt like this and have had to hit that re-start button. Somedays it is moment to moment and I hit that button all day. I do not even face what you do, but have my own set of circumstances.Reading what you are facing simply makes me more able to carry on with gratitude despite what I am facing! Thank You! You matter, and I am reading!